AI Policy

As a company dedicated to delivering excellent outcomes for clients, Believeco:Partners is committed to driving innovation in our work while protecting the interests of our clients and Believeco:Partners at all times.

For our team, generative AI offers new and exciting opportunities to explore and experiment. It helps automate tedious aspects of our work (e.g, research, looking through images, etc.), helps us discover relevant insights faster, and so much more. We encourage everyone to experiment and share their experiences with our colleagues.

As we do so, we are guided by following principles.  

Our responsibility to acknowledge limitations, manage risk, and embrace the upside

AI products can be tremendous aids in improving productivity and driving innovation.  We are curious and commit to an ongoing program of learning to drive excellence in our work and create high-quality client experiences. As use of AI and the sophistication of such products evolve daily, we acknowledge as an organization these benefits along with the risks and limitations of such new technologies:

  • Commitment to confidentiality. While using AI, at no time do we compromise confidential client or company information by uploading that information to any AI tool. No matter the tool, few AI solutions have sufficient auditable governance over how data is ingested, stored, or controlled, nor is there an indication that data sovereignty is considered when uploading information.
  • Transparency. We disclose in our contracts and agreements that AI tools may be used to inform, inspire or otherwise contribute to work product, but will not be the origin source of deliverables unless expressly agreed to by the client. Further, we require the same of all partners and contributors. We have open conversations with our clients related to the use of AI in our work. Employees are expected to disclose to their manager and the designated project manager if AI is used to support research or content generation.  
  • Intellectual property rights (IPR). Content generated by an AI product may infringe on IPRs and we acknowledge copyright infringement risk. This applies to all content types, whether written, visual, audio (especially voice or music) or combination thereof. We do not rely on an AI product to generate “original” material and will always check for IPR whenever feasible/identified and mark those conditions if they appear.
  • Implicit bias. We are aware that biases may be present in any AI product. With this in mind, we strive to ensure the perspectives of equity-deserving communities are represented in our work – and that bias (social, cultural or otherwise) is not further reinforced through our use of any AI tool.
  • Accuracy. We always confirm the validity and reliability of information produced by any AI tool, specifically generative AI. Because tools such as Chat GPT pull information from the internet, accuracy can never be guaranteed and should not be represented as such. Further, we do not use AI to create deepfakes or spread misinformation.
  • Human overlay. Our currency is our strategic and very human thinking. Given IPR, bias and accuracy risks, we at no time produce work that is wholly AI-generated.

Application and understanding of industry AI guidelines

As this is a rapidly evolving space, we are adopting best practice and industry guidelines to govern how and when we use AI-enhanced tools and services. All employees of Believeco:Partners must familiarize themselves with these guidelines:

PR Council Guidelines on Generative AI

IPA Guidelines on AI – Creative content

We act and conduct business in good faith, and with honesty, integrity, responsibility, and the utmost regard to protecting our clients’ confidential information.

We encourage all staff engaging with AI tools do so professionally and ethically at all times. We trust you to use best judgement, identify challenges, and raise situations that require oversight.  

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