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A message from
Arlene Dickinson

On the importance of relationships.

An open letter from Arlene

The power of relationships.

Nothing has been more important in my career than building authentic, lasting relationships. In business, as in life, it can be hard to define a great relationship – but you know it when you’re in it. There’s accountability and responsibility. There’s commitment, care and trust. And any time these values are shared – between teammates, with clients, between a brand and its audiences – amazing things happen. People change the way they act and the way they think. Relationships give meaning to our work; they give us passion and purpose.

Independent agencies embody these values because our survival depends on the relationships we form. When you own an agency, you pour your sweat and soul into fostering trust and care because accountability is essential to your value. Hours, years, decades of hard work and relentless client service forge a mentality and mettle that can never be replicated by anyone less vested than an owner. Over the 34 years of running my business, I’ve come to believe that zealous relationships with clients, and within our teams, are only possible when passion and purpose are put ahead of profit.

Believeco:Partners has grown out of my belief in the transformative power of relationships. I want to bring this power of connection and commitment to all clients and brands. To large clients who need size and reach but who still need the human touch embodied by independents. To upcoming clients of any size who need an unwavering, long-term partner; to teammates who need to feel heard and invested in their work; to brands that seek to form genuine affinity with their audience; to organizations that work to build trust in the public sphere. Everywhere I look, I see the need for stronger, more meaningful bonds.

Believeco:Partners provides the relationship-first business model of independent shops, at scale. We are keeping founders at the wheel, deeply accountable and committed to the long-term future of their teams and their clients’ businesses. We’ve begun with leaders with the same commitment, the same values and the same ambition. This group of founding shareholders – the leaders of Brightworks, Argyle, Zync, Revolve, Castlemain and Venture Play  – is the start of a game-changing way to do business and build lasting relationships that drive value on all fronts. Massive resources led with independence, with heart, with people and purpose put first.

Believeco:Partners is launching with Believeco, our full-service marketing agency, Argyle, our public relations and reputation management agency and Castlemain, our Indigenous advisory firm. These national agencies deliver specialized skills with a combination of scale and scrappiness, data and discipline, craft and creativity to provide clients with better solutions, employees with better careers, and people with better information. We’re over three hundred people; seven offices in six provinces and two countries. But this is just the beginning.

We’re backed by the Canadian Business Growth Fund, and we’re finding independents who can add value and vision to what Believeco:Partners will deliver. This is how Believeco:Partners grows – bringing in successful independent shops that operate with purpose and strive for meaning in their work. Serving clients and teams through relationships that drive the value they care about.

In the end, it all comes down to relationships. That’s how you create meaning, that’s how you live with purpose, and that’s how you do what’s right – for our clients, for our communities and for society. That’s what I believe.

And that’s how Believeco:Partners is going to make a difference in the world.

Arlene Dickinson (Signature)

Arlene Dickinson

Case Studies


Marketing, media, creative and design experts creating and evolving brand-audience relationships.

Bringing dairy back.

Alberta Milk

The Smash Milk campaign reconnected Millennial and Gen Z women with dairy. Vibrant, exciting and irreverent creative highlighted the wide variety of products, and the joys of eating and drinking dairy.

Engaging Team Canada fans coast to coast to coast.

Canadian Olympic Committee

A complete redesign and optimization of the Canadian Olympic Committee’s digital assets have led to dramatic growth in fan adoption and engagement — becoming the home for Canadians to learn about, engage with and cheer on Team Canada.

Keeping frozen potatoes hot.

Cavendish Farms

We nurture Cavendish Farm’s brand-audience relationship through a relevant and flexible social media strategy. It’s led to a lasting partnership and work in multiple facets of their business.

Find out how scale and soul can do amazing things for your brand relationships.



Engagement, communication and reputation advisors, helping leaders and organizations earn trust and communicate with confidence – particularly when the stakes are high.

Green investing.


A powerful multi-channel PR campaign built around Dejardin’s CEO, and his message of sustainable finance and shared prosperity.

Stress-free holiday shopping.


An emotionally connected campaign driving consumers to register for UPS My Choice and make holiday deliveries a breeze.

Seize big moments, change behaviour for the better, protect reputations, engage people and communities, and earn public trust.

Serving Indigenous nations, communities and peoples with expertise in governance, negotiation, economic development, lands, infrastructure and strategic engagement.

Fly-in community gets collaborative

Vuntut Gwitchin Government

Despite the remoteness of the community, we were able to create a strategic communications plan in collaboration with citizens, government staff and leadership.

National conversation during Covid-19

University of Victoria, Indigenous Law Program

During the darkest days of the pandemic, we helped the University Program host successful series of National Conversations online – creating an online hub, a video, and engaging the community.

Art, Tradition and the Law

Indigenous Bar Association

For the IBA conference, we created a beautiful and sophisticated annual report that merged tradition and local artistry and also led a successful awareness campaign.

Building meaningful and productive relationships that serve the needs of our clients.


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Arlene Dickinson

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Alyssa Huggins

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Mark Carpenter

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Rob McPhee

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